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Transatlantyk (LP) is out!

Transatlantyk (LP) is out!

My collaboration with Keno & Tristan de Liege is out! Transatlantyk is a 12 tracks LP and you can find me singing on 3 of them. This is such a special project because each one of us is living in different country : Tristan in the US, Keno in Germany and i in France. We made music mentally connected to each other but physically separated. It is a relaxing Trip Hop album that will make you make you travel without moving.

It is available in vinyl and can be found everywhere, check it out : https://band.link/Transatlantyk

« It really is such a gorgeous record and the tracks with Elodie exude song-writing brilliance! » 

Dom Servini / Wah Wah 45s

« Some fat old school drums meets sweet honey vocals. Lush orchestral arrangements with sparkling melodies. 
This is definitely a sound for this kind of year – either if it’s sunrise or sunset. This will make your day! » 

Oliver Korthals / Mojo Club